Incorporated in The Marketing Hub HQ warehousing complex is a fabrication workshop for the manufacture of permanent and semi-permanent POS hardware. Fixtures and entire shops are designed and assembled to the highest specifications of tolerances of dimensions and material consistency.


Display fixtures are fitted with security systems where required and digital displays with content designed, updated and controlled from the Hub. In this way The Marketing Hub is uniquely capable of bringing leading edge digital display within your budget, giving you a strong competitive edge and the ability to respond to market force with appropriate communication.

Clients work hand in hand with The Marketing Hub teams in brainstorming shopper marketing solutions. Working from the shelf backwards to influence buyer behaviour and shopper journeys. In this way sales have been demonstrably lifted with double digit growth in a range of sales environments and market sectors.


At a glance:

  • Micromanaging Manufacture
  • Shopper Marketing Specialism
  • From Scamp to Installation
  • POP driven
  • Permanent and Semi Permanent
  • 360 fixtures
  • Working from the shelf backwards
  • Simple to shop



Our workshop is where we put the meat on the bones and turn the great retail design concepts into living and breathing objects that are ready to stand out in store.